Passion is the salt of the earth. It is the soul and fire of human existence,
the fuel for inspiration, romance, understanding, and mankind’s beneficent
endeavors. It is the essence of God’s Spirit empowering men and women to
find and experience true love. It is the enamoring spark that makes love real
and fulfilling. Without passion we exist among the walking dead.

Passion, though so essential, often has a regretful downside for the unwary.
The unfortunate flip side is volatility – a natural by-product of passionate
living that often allows forceful eruptions with undesirable consequences,
for it is very difficult to separate volatility and passion. They are almost one
and the same – an emotional maelstrom of consuming energy.

A man and a woman in a passionate love relationship must be cognizant
of the realities: a passionate partnership is destined to be subject to equally
powerful surges of disharmony or conflict unless measures are taken to
understand and achieve control of the negative aspects.

Passion is a powerful tool that allows use for good or evil, love or hate. We
need it for the best love partnership, but must gain control of this explosive
and often fickle energy for proper and caring maintenance of a lifetime love.

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  1. Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.

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