Passion is the salt of the earth. It is the soul and fire of human existence,
the fuel for inspiration, romance, understanding, and mankind’s beneficent
endeavors. It is the essence of God’s Spirit empowering men and women to
find and experience true love. It is the enamoring spark that makes love real
and fulfilling. Without passion we exist among the walking dead.

Passion, though so essential, often has a regretful downside for the unwary.
The unfortunate flip side is volatility – a natural by-product of passionate
living that often allows forceful eruptions with undesirable consequences,
for it is very difficult to separate volatility and passion. They are almost one
and the same – an emotional maelstrom of consuming energy.

A man and a woman in a passionate love relationship must be cognizant
of the realities: a passionate partnership is destined to be subject to equally
powerful surges of disharmony or conflict unless measures are taken to
understand and achieve control of the negative aspects.

Passion is a powerful tool that allows use for good or evil, love or hate. We
need it for the best love partnership, but must gain control of this explosive
and often fickle energy for proper and caring maintenance of a lifetime love.

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History Travelers

Kingdoms rise, and fall; history lures us with incredible tales of adventure, or abject horror, and we find temptation among the sirens, or comfort in the counselors of the past. However, upon diligent and thoughtful reflection upon the apparently glistening panorama of the bygone eras, we are, at times, dismayed to find our solid historical foundations undermined by unsettling contradictions in the accounts laid forth by those seeking the truth, but reluctantly having to settle for somewhat less in the ruins and fragments which hint of those amazing stories.

But there is a haven within reach, a rich vein of life within the realm of dreams and fantasies. Oh, to possess the spirit of youth, wherein lays the thriving soul of the future. How we can attain the flight of eagles, or cross the universe in a chariot of fire? It’s in our inner world of hope, purity, and boundless exploration.

Where can we go tonight my kindred soul? Do you long for an endless flight of genuine love and inner peace with another fellow traveler? Is your heart’s blazing desire to find the warm fire on a cold night? To wander into that beautiful green meadow with the stream of eternal comfort meandering through its artful rushes and God sculptured rock formations? I sail calmly upon my fantasies, but I inquire, can it really be so – that a true love can be fashioned out of the vast field of unsightly debris littering our individual histories?

Though I’m blessed with an optimistic nature, I am often trapped in the lurking quicksand of doubt. Am I doomed to a life without love? My dream envisioned one is out there, but it seems that endless mountains remain for the rigorous climb and too many zephyr-tossed seas to traverse for satiating my hungry heart. Thus far, the yard is empty, the next block has its quota, and the nearby village has shaken its head in feigned sympathy to my luckless inquiries.

However, from the Southlands, a promising ballad sails the misty ocean winds for the resurrection of the doomed. But, of course, there are those of apparent repute who contend that reality howls a rattling tune against dreamers of all ages who feel true love can be found at such a time; they say, “You’ve taken reckless leave of your senses. Who art thou to be thinkin’ you can have such a thing?” Then, after reasonable reflection on the frigid shower of advice, I set forth my case. “The time is near”, I chimed. “the proverbial time has come.” I added with poetic license. Albeit, I’m mature enough to accept a venture gone wrong, but the endless fathoms of expectation are the energy source of hope for the long-sought lost Atlantis.

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High Flight

A heart in earthly escape, a cauldron of simmering passion.
       A flight born of hope on wings of love’s latent desire.
For a new and brilliant celestial body now lights my path
       and fulfills my longing spirit.
Her eyes are the universe and her smile is the sun.
       I’m overwhelmed by the vastness of her charms.
With all my essence I seek the total fusion of our souls.
       I’ve wandered the galaxies in a long futile quest
for the goddess of the stars, the vision of life.
       I found her tonight.
Like the irresistible force of gravity, she has taken me;
       the willing prisoner of her dark, serene beauty.
I risk the pains of unrequited love, for such an ethereal queen
       rules her kingdom unfettered by compromising alliances.
She governs in the ease of singular mind
       and basks in the moon glow of her self-sufficiency.
Therefore, my glide path shall not alter her orbit
      or eclipse her reign.
Can another star find a home in her galaxy? Can she share
       the throne with one with no desire for power
other than to fill her with the fire glow of passion again?
       We shall see.
But as a veteran of so long a voyage,
       I am prepared for whatever the goddess decrees.

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Adolescent Spring

Adolescent Spring, no clouds in view,
       Wandering the fields wet with the glistening dew.
The radiant orb of life rises gently and a whole universe lies before us for the wonder
       of exploration. We’re aglow with the fire of self-confidence.
We take pleasure in ourselves, and one another.
       All is right with us. Failure is foreign, and we find no faults beneath our veils;
we are in control and we shall find the utopian land.
But on one gray morning an ominous shadow filled the meadow.
The earth was still and the only sound came from within our unsettled breasts.
A cousin of the spirit of knowledge crossed our path, leaving in his wake
       the aching realization of our human infirmities.
Crying out for answers, we prevailed upon him for explanations which brought no
        relief, only anguish of soul and wishing for yesterday.
“Weep not”, he implored with divine dignity. “You must be complete, for to be
        perfect would be your everlasting ruin and shame”.
Continuing with compassion he added, “There’s no way you’ll understand, and do
        not try. For only with imperfection can you learn the art of love. And only in bearing
one another’s faults can you achieve oneness. Learn the craft of
        unconditional love, and there ye shall find utopia”.
The magnificent flying creature continued on his determined journey.
        As he departed, he reflected upon his mission. “Will they try?” he mused.
“If they just apply their God-given abilities, and diligently seek the goal …
        Will they? Can they?”
Soaring high and fast he whispered with finality, “They must.”

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